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Wine supply in kegs pays tribute to when wine was distributed in casks, the packaging were secondary and what matters was the wine itself.

Combining quality, authenticity and costs is now the challenge, in a period in which products have started an adventure in the global market, after a long tradition of local evolution. Italian wine excellence and tradition meet new cultures and new consumer societies. The bottle is not the only way to contain and supply quality wine to public places because while opening and closing the container repeatedly, wine is exposed to oxidation, that alters wine taste. The modern PET kegs and the tapping method allow to supply high-quality products with competitive prices, gaining new customers and new consumers. 

Wine on tap guarantees the best conditions of pouring, enhancing the product and its original characteristics. 

Advantages of wine supply in kegs:

  • Reduction in packaging and transport costs
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Less risks of deterioration (freshness preservation)
  • Less waste
  • Effective, fast and cheap service
  • Consistent quality of pouring (temperature, sparkling, etc.)
  • Competitive prices
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Villa Erica guarantees the best pouring quality of wine on tap